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The blankest page you will ever have to write on is your personal growth.


Personal Growth might seem like it is the fullest page because it contains all of your personal history.  But it is the one over which you have the most control.  Unlike your work (which probably involves other people's decisions) or your finances (which probably involve the broader economy), your personal growth is 100% dependent on the choices you make.


Learn to make the right choices to:


        clarify your personal values and mission

        tap into your power and use it to realize your goals

        master life management skills

        nurture healthy self-esteem

        assess your personal and professional life habits

        incorporate habits that foster success

        develop productive attitudes, skills, and relationships

        develop unshakeable confidence

        employ effective thinking strategies to solve problems

        make better decisions

        make spirituality a real part of your daily life

        manage conflict

        pursue physical wellness

        focus on mental and spiritual wellness

        create and maintain balance in your life

        have peace and joy

        live a life based on your assets, not your deficiencies

        use positive affirmations to speak blessings into your life

        apply Biblical promises and principles to your personal and professional life

        transform your self-image

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