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Why Women Love Jesus So Much


Fibroid Girl, ninjas, football, cattle rustlers, Smokey Robinson, trophy wives, a government whore, innocent victims, guilty victims, the start of the red light district, a warrior woman leading an army general to victory, a baby daddy with 70 kids, a business woman supporting a man, a heifer, a dog in a box, a father setting his daughter on fire, a husband chopping his wife into 12 pieces and sending them around the country, a child of incest, an exorcism, a dead woman coming back to life, the sexual revolution, plain Janes, dealing with depression, jigsaw puzzles, alarm clocks, handcuffs, dysfunctional families, and the world’s most famous unwed teenage mother.


It’s all in here – along with the scriptures explaining it!


Far from the typical book about women in the Bible.


23 Bible women tell their own stories in an easy, conversational style.  Dr. Lewis draws parallels between those women and their 21st century counterparts – exploring the phenomenal differences that are possible in each life when Jesus is on the scene.

These fresh, new takes on women, in and out of the Bible, yield some unpredictable perspectives that can help anyone trying to move forward – regardless of how badly she or he has messed up.


Everyone you know is in here somewhere, including you . . . whether you are into Jesus or not.


Marilyn J. Richardson Lewis. 1 lb 3 oz. 


Maximize the Teaching/Learning Dynamic
4th Edition


Building on the development and psychology principles that undergird the learning process, Maximize the Teaching/Learning Dynamic focuses on understanding, recognizing, and using appropriate teaching strategies for given students in given situations.

This book is not designed to provide complete knowledge of educational psychology, learning styles, or teaching methods; it is designed to provide a working knowledge.  Used alone or in conjunction with other texts, Maximize the Teaching/Learning Dynamic cuts straight to the chase and explains:

  • This is what the concept is.

  • This is what it looks like in action.

  • This is when you should use it.

  • This is when you shouldn’t use it.

  • This is how it relates to other concepts.

Drawing from almost two decades of teaching differentiated learners in a variety of environments, Lewis structured this book as a practical tool for mastering content by applying what is learned.  In addition to classroom observations, learner activities include case studies, puzzles, poetry, movies, lesson plan critiques, personal reflections, internet research, and other exercises that model the content being covered.

Use Maximize the Teaching/Learning Dynamic to examine your own life and experience for insights into how theories work in the real world. . . and discover the magic 8-minute movie clip that embodies hundreds of the psychological concepts and teaching strategies that most students memorize, but fail to master!

Marilyn J. Richardson Lewis, PhD

ISBN 9781936652082     Weight 16 oz



Fundamental Skills for the Entrepreneur

 As either an individual guide or a coaching tool, this workbook serves to capture crucial information about you and your business that will be necessary in developing and implementing successful plans to build and improve both your business and your personal skills for being in business. 

Major topics include:

         Fundamental Philosophy for a Successful Entrepreneur

         7 Stages in the Life Cycle of a Business

         Determining Your Stage

         Moving From Stage to Stage

         Brainstorming Your Entrepreneurial Skills

         The Cost of Sooner Skills vs. Later Skills

         Prioritizing Your Skill Needs

         Creating Your Personal Action Plan

Marilyn J. Richardson Lewis.  Weight 11 oz.  $30.00


Bible Basics and Beyond
A Puzzle Lover’s Trek Through the Holy Scriptures


85 fun, Bible-based word puzzles! Plus guidelines to use this book for individual or group Bible study. Puzzle types include:

  • crosswords
  • word search
  • letter tiles
  • scrambles
  • cryptograms
  • simple quizzes
  • combination puzzles

Topics include:

  • Jesus
  • personal character
  • biblical families
  • general scripture knowledge
  • guidelines for living
  • leaders
  • men of the Bible
  • women of the Bible
  • biblical locations
  • biblical animals
  • gifts of God

Helpful hints and scriptural references throughout. Solutions and study worksheets are in the back. Spiral binding lets pages lie flat for easy use. Suitable for non-Christians, new Christians, and seasoned Christians. Bible games appropriate for ages 12 and up.

Marilyn J. Richardson Lewis. Weight 16 oz.



Using a Successful Business Ethic (Custom Workbook): 

The Business Ethic Program helps individuals think through and work out some of the "soft skills" issues facing job seekers, managers, and business owners.  Major topics include: 

      Understanding Values, Success, and a Business Ethic

      Steps for Managing Your Attitude

      Communicating for Success

      Managing Conflict

      Essential Dos and Don'ts for Job Seekers

      Building a Client Base

      Being a Team Player

Activities capture crucial information to help individuals match their skill development with their personal mission and goals. 

NOTE: This workbook is designed to be used with an instructor or coach.  If you are going through this program on your own, the workbook can still be helpful, but you will need to fill in some information that normally would be supplied by an educator/guide. 

Marilyn J. Richardson Lewis.  Weight 16 oz.  $25.00



You Can Write Better

Part 3: 20 Most Common Writing Mistakes

A kind of cheat sheet that provides quick reference for 20 of the most common writing mistakes that make a person sound less competent, educated, and professional.  It contains brief explanations and examples that can help you write better.  Third book in a five-part series.  Marilyn J. Richardson Lewis.  Weight 8 oz.  $10.00



Worry on Wednesday

If you are a chronic worrier, this is your 10-week journey toward freedom.  A Guided Behavior Modification Program to help you phase out the worry habit.  Easy to follow exercises and detailed worksheets.  Marilyn J. Richardson Lewis, PhD.  Weight 23 oz.   $65.00



Life Management Profile

This 125-item inventory captures a snapshot of where an individual stands in relation to certain attitudes and habits associated with success.  It can be used by an instructor, coach, or group leader to help guide where adjustment might be most beneficial based on specific goals.  Individuals who are not working with a guide can use this instrument as a blueprint for in-depth self-analysis – if they are totally honest and exceptionally good at examining things from a variety of different perspectives.   Marilyn J. Richardson Lewis.  Weight 4 oz.  $50.00



Life Management for the Busy Professional

This guidebook is designed to help individuals manage their lives and careers better by becoming more effective in how they do what they do.  It is a coaching tool that focuses on how to apply various models for:

         Setting goals wisely

         Prioritizing activities realistically

         Managing time productively

         Developing habits effectively

Exercises and information in this guidebook will help individuals think through and apply key life management concepts.  Every part of this book, from the worksheets to the illustrations, is relevant for the lessons to be learned and applied.  Can be used alone or with a coach or instructor guiding the process.  Marilyn J. Richardson Lewis.  Weight 11 oz.  $25.00



Painless Public Speaking

Part 1:  How to Create Memorable Speeches

Being a good public speaker affects being a success in just about any endeavor.  This workbook can be used as a primer for self-improvement or as an instructional text for coaches and instructors.  This workbook is the first in the three-part series, Painless Public Speaking.  Part 2 is How to Deliver Memorable Speeches, and Part 3 is How to Assess Memorable Speeches.  Marilyn J. Richardson Lewis.  Weight 11 oz.   $25.00


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